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Winter Wellness Weekend & Shazzies Birthday Party


I can’t quite believe it’s almost the end of the year. Snow is gently falling past my window, the log fire is glowing and a contented dog is at my feet after our romp in the woods. I am on day 5 of a juice fast and feeling amazing :) Who said you can’t not only stay raw, but fast in a cold climate! I’ve been full of energy, my focus clearer than ever, my skin feels softer and looks clearer and i notice my eyes start to sparkle more as the days go by. I have no set length of time that i am doing it for, just listening to my body and what feels right. I like to do a fast & cleanse at least once a year in order for my body to rest and recharge, what better time to do it but the lead up to Christmas! Finding a way of generating internal warmth can be essential in low temperatures, so i make myself cups of tea made from hot water, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. It’s delicious and makes you feel like you are glowing from inside out, as well as being a great detoxifier and blood pressure regulator.

After Christmas many need help to get back on track with their diet and inspiration for the coming year, so i have put together a Winter Wellness Weekend together with Shazzie (the UK’s top Raw Food Speaker & author) who will be celebrating her Birthday with us at the launch of my new company. IDetox Holidays is my new venture into retreats based in natural health, raw foods, detoxification and weightloss. Our first retreat is 21/22/23rd January 2011.

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