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New Beginnings at the Raw Food B & B


I’m excited to be opening my doors for my first B&B guests and loving the fact that Spring flowers are popping up all around the garden, house and woods. This has been my first winter back in the UK after living in Florida all last year…It was certainly a winter to come back to, the worst one in 30 years!! But then i never do anything by halves!! Thank God/Goddess for my scottie dog Ralph who every day come rain, snow or shine has me out and walking in the fresh air. In climates such as these northern european ones it is so important to get any small dose we can of vitamin D from sunlight…I found myself even when snow was on the ground, finding a place out of the wind on the beach and lying in the suns rays for a few minutes whenever i could. Now that i have moved to my new/old house by the woods i spend a few minutes each day sitting in an old tree that offers a throne like seat, ideal for meditating while in the suns stare…Those few minutes are the best part of each day for me…nothing but the sound of the wind in the trees and the sun on my face..pure bliss.

This is one of my house plants that is bursting forth with orange trumpet like blooms..It’s name is Clivia and is a welcome burst of color at this time of year in the house with the flowers lasting more than a month. During the summer the pot can stand outside, but for now it sits in my entrance hall.

Meanwhile, I’m working on the retreats for this years raw dolphin trips in the Bahamas….There is something about when a dolphin swims beside you in total synchronicity, eye to eye, like they are reading deep into your soul…Totally in the moment as one species to another connects in a space of timelessness…This moment is the closest thing to divine bliss i have ever encountered….And on dark winter days i just have to look at my dolphin photos to take me right back to that place of connectedness & calm.

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